Welcome Workzone to the Band!

Welcome Workzone to the Band!

Workzone, a top-rated Project Management platform, is now part of Big Band! 

Workzone streamlines project workflows and enhances team collaboration - and has been doing this for many high-performing teams for decades. 

This acquisition is a great example of what we like to call "business in harmony." First, Workzone is a company of innovators that saw a need and built an amazing product that their customers love.  (Nothing is more important to the Workzone team than their customers’ success, and their onboarding, training and support set a very high standard.) In other words, although there are a lot of project management software tools, the Workzone team has honed in on a solution mentality to make sure their product not only has great features but different and better outcomes for users. The harmony with customers also extends within the team and this transition to Big Band, and we are excited to build off of Workzone’s continued success by bringing in new leadership as accomplished founder/owner Rick Mosenkis retires as part of the sale. 

Introducing Ash Didwania, CEO of Workzone

We’re thrilled to introduce Ash Didwania to those who don’t know him.  (We got to know Ash’s smarts and ambition from when we launched Big Band and he sought us out wanting to be a first-time CEO in sync with the Big Band operating model.) His proven track record in driving growth and scaling transformative products in the B2B SaaS sector, along with successful stints at Fortune 500 tech companies, positions him uniquely for this role. Ash brings 14+ years of go-to-market leadership and tech experience, having recently served as Chief Revenue Officer at Resilia. Ash’s vision to unlock the massive potential within Workzone aligns with the company's mission to transform how companies get work done in an increasingly complex world. 

What’s Next for Workzone

The Workzone team has been doing great, post-transition work on what’s next for the business:

“After having been at Workzone for over a month and having spoken to dozens of customers, I have been blown away by how indispensable the platform has become to the day-to-day functioning of teams,” says CEO Ash Didwania. “This is evident through the large account expansions we have already seen in 2024 where more and more customers see Workzone as an operating system to run core functions like Marketing, Business Operations & IT.”  

Looking ahead, we will keep you updated on the successes and learnings at Workzone as well as ask that you keep us in mind as you meet owners or leaders thinking that the Big Band model appeals. Stay tuned and happy February (spring already?).  And please do let us know if we can help you or people you serve.

To read our full Workzone announcement, please see the press release linked here.


We’ve put together a must-do exercise for Founders - Annual Exit Planning. This workbook will walk you through the various steps and questions you need to answer and document in order to get better prepared to sell your business. Grab the file, find some time work through it, and get in touch if we can help you think through any of the components along the way!

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