A New Chapter: Big Band Software’s First Acquisition

A New Chapter: Big Band Software’s First Acquisition

The Big Band team is thrilled to announce our first acquisition: Inphonite, a leading provider of communication and messaging solutions in patient engagement software. This opens an exciting new chapter for our company, and we are enthusiastic about building upon the value Inphonite has already created for its customers.

Unveiling Inphonite

Owned by Christine and David Tosi since 2007, Inphonite LLC arose from their vision to introduce automation and innovation to patient engagement software. They successfully transitioned from on-premise to cloud-based solutions and expanded Inphonite into what it is today. Specializing in communication and messaging solutions, with a distinct focus on enhancing patient engagement in the healthcare industry, Inphonite is renowned for its commitment to streamlining communication processes, improving response times, and boosting overall operational efficiency. Their extensive portfolio includes solutions designed to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, making healthcare interactions more accessible and effective. 

The Big Band Fit

We got to know Christine and David over several months to find a win-win solution for them, the company, and for Big Band. This exciting acquisition not only enriches Big Band's portfolio but exemplifies our mission to preserve culture, align goals, and unite teams. David and Christine communicated this importance early-on, recognizing that intentional collaboration and autonomy was going to be necessary for the next stage of growth. 

What is Next?

The collective team is excited about the patient-engagement space and eager to explore other opportunities. Healthcare is a growing industry that still lags behind in personalization and modern, person-centered communication. As we move forward with Inphonite, we can’t think of a more exciting, first acquisition for our team.

And if you love reading about acquisition announcements…stay tuned. The end of the year is going to be BIG for Big Band.


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