Happy New Year from Big Band

Celebrating the Wisdom of Charlie Munger

As we welcome the new year, the Band extends a tribute to Charlie Munger, the esteemed investor, philanthropist, and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway who passed away on November 28th of this year. Munger's extraordinary career has been a beacon of inspiration, and as we honor his contributions, we reflect on some key takeaways from his unparalleled professional journey that we are taking into 2024. 

1. The Power of Multidisciplinary Thinking:

Charlie Munger's emphasis on embracing a broad array of disciplines has been a cornerstone of his success. By integrating insights from diverse fields such as psychology, economics, architecture, and business, he has demonstrated the potency of multidisciplinary thinking in decision-making.

2. Long-Term Vision and Patience:

Munger's commitment to long-term value investing and his unwavering patience have set a paradigm for investors globally. Combined with his discipline, agility, and strategic foresight in order to make successful investments, Mungers long-term approach inspires Big Band’s very own. 

3. Continuous Learning and Adaptability:

A perpetual learner, Munger advocated for continuous self-improvement and adaptability. In a world of constant change, his commitment to staying informed and evolving with the times underscores the importance of embracing a growth mindset. At Big Band, we strive to keep curiosity high and remain as agile as possible, learning all we can from founders and business partners. 

Here at Big Band and beyond, Charlie Munger's timeless wisdom guides us in the year ahead. We are ecstatic to embark on the new year with the spirit of continuous learning, disciplined investment, and a commitment to long-term success. Here's to a prosperous and enlightened journey in 2024!


The start of the New Year is the perfect excuse to carve out some time to reflect on your business. We’ve put together a must-do exercise for Founders - Annual Exit Planning. This workbook will walk you through the various steps and questions you need to answer and document in order to get better prepared to sell your business. Grab the file, find some time work through it, and get in touch if we can help you think through any of the components along the way!

THE PLAYLIST (What We're Watching, Reading, and Listening to)

  • Poor Charlie’s Almanack - Munger’s collection of speeches, talks, and writings across diverse subjects like investing, business, psychology, and life philosophy leaves a rich well of wisdom for all to explore

  • Practical Holding Company Acquires Profitable SaaS Businesses - Big Band’s Kevin McArdle sits down on the PracticalFounders podcast to answer common questions from practical founders about the holding company approach as an exit path.

  • To get acquired, remove yourself. - Kevin also sat down for an interview with Indie Hacker’s James Fleishmann to talk through entrepreneurship through acquisition, launching Big Band, how to get acquired, and more.


  • The Band is taking a much needed break from the road to spend some time in their respective home states to ring in the New Year!


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